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Here are just some of the comments we've heard from our happy HVHM members!
"  Every day since the Be My Guest luncheon, I have been puzzled as to whom I can send my sincere thank you letter to.  It was such fun, so perfect in every detail and so appreciated by me.  It was so special.  Thanks to you for all of your planning and thanks to the hosts for sharing their lovely home with the rest of my Home Matter friends.  It was certainly a Happy Birthday!"
~ Betty F

" I needed a plumber and called the HVHM office for a referral.  They provided me with a plumber who arrived at the time agreed to and who promptly found and solved the problem.  The young man was very courteous and when he presented us with the bill it included a discount offered to our members.  I highly recommend continuing this firm on our Service Providers list and am glad that as a member of HVHM, I was given his name!"
~ Iris and Len T.

"We thought the Be My Guest luncheon was a good way to get together and socialize.  We enjoyed the sociability."
~ Ginny and Phil S.
"We're just people, people needing people.  Where better than at a HVHM BE MY GUEST LUNCHEON?  Gathered round a dining room table, sharing food, rubbing elbows, telling stories, being listened to, having a good laugh.  It's all fun, it's all good. I promise you, if you experience a HVHM BE MY GUEST LUNCHEON, as a guest or as a hostess,  you'll have a new warm spot in your heart for new friends at HVHM!"
~ Sincerely, Alice C.


"We enjoyed the luncheon on the 20th enough to convince us of the value of belonging to such a fine organization."
~ Bill R.

"We so appreciate the calls we received during Hurricane Sandy's visit!"
~  Roland and Kay D.

"Thank you so much for the good work your organization does. This is helping my brother Ed Robeson so much."

~ Jan M.


"You are neither "old nor retired" but you certainly a are a kind gentleman.  I appreciated your consideration and patience while you were showing me how to correct the mistakes I made on my 2010 IRS return.  You treated the matter seriously while being reassuring to myself who felt quite anxious about the forms.  I appreciate the gift of your time and expertise.  Thank you!"

~ Eleanor A.


"It's hard for me to ask for help but as a dues paying member of HVHM, I don't hesitate to pick up the phone and ask for whatever I need."                                   

~ Barbara D.


" Home Matters either has the answer to my question or they know where to get it!"

~ Betty F.


"I don't drive any more and miss going to concerts.  A special performance was coming up so I called HVHM to ask if a volunteer driver would enjoy going with me.  The answer was yes!"

~ Tina J.


" Win-Win!  My kids who regularly fussed at me to move into a retirement center, gave me a membership to Home Matters for Christmas.  Now that I'm a member, they've stopped worrying and I stay were I love!"
~ Alice B.


Hudson Valley Home Matters provides a community where people are friendly and glad to pitch in when called upon."

~ Len T.


"We had so many home repair issues that we were at our wit's end.  The HVHM Executive Director sent a volunteer to us who gave us good advice and then recommended contractors to do the work.  Problem solved and money saved!"

~Tom & Patsy A.

"My roof needed repair and we needed a trustworthy professional to help with the job.  A recommendation for a handyman was made, a complete roof replacement deemed NOT necessary and the patching job was completed.  I was very satisfied and  I saved over a $1000!"   
~ Alice C.

"I was scheduled to leave for Texas for a week. The day before I left, I discovered my mailbox had been smashed.  Distressed, I called the Hudson Valley Home Matters office for someone to help fix it. The next day, in pouring rain and 38 degree weather, a volunteer showed up, repaired my mailbox to my great relief!  While I was away, this nice volunteer returned to put address numbers on my new mailbox."
~ Sally T.

"Last year, after a heavy snowstorm I needed a roof rake to clear my roof.  The HVHM Member Services Coordinator followed a few leads and found a man who had such a rake and the job was done.!  Thank you HVHM!"

~ Tom F.

"I had a hat that needed stretching and called HVHM office for help.  The Service Coordinator Chris found out that Red Cap cleaners had a hat stretcher steaming machine.  I was told to “Bring in my head and my hat, and we’ll get the job done!”.  A volunteer driver transported me there the same day."

~ Eugene C.
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